Sara Kalick talks about Superpowers Game

For the last three years in SYPartners Sara was responsible to build a leadership development platform to help emerging leaders to develop the capabilities they need to lead organizations or companies today.

SYPartners is a business strategy and innovation consulting agency with branches in San Francisco and New York City. Launched in 1994 as a communication and design firm, they expanded into a company that «helps individuals, leaders, teams, and organizations become the best versions of themselves, so they can create massive positive impact in business and society».

One of their self-made tools is the Superpowers Game that exists as a card deck as well as a mobile version for tablets and mobile phones. It is a simple, elegant and playful way for a team to draw on all its strengths and to know how to activate each member’s superpower. It also enables people to build empathy within a team and to interact to each other in the most human and at the same time productive way.

We have been talking with Sara about the Game and its mechanics and the way it was developed and used within consulting process. But we also had a chat about more general aspects in terms of modern ways of flexibility in the working world.

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